Do You Need A Home Inspection When Buying A Newer Home?

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Do You Need A Home Inspection When Buying A Newer Home?

If you narrowed down your search for a home and think you've found the right one, your next step will involve writing an offer to buy the property. While you write the offer, your real estate agent will ask you if you want to get a home inspection. Getting one is optional for most loan programs, so this is not something you have to get. Should you get one, though? You might think you do not need one since you are buying a newer home, but you should still get one. Here are some reasons getting a home inspection is still important even if you are purchasing a newer home.

It's Smart to Get an Expert Opinion About the Condition

You might think that all contractors build great-quality homes, but this is not the case. Some contractors might skimp here and there to save some money on the construction of the home. The problem is that this could jeopardize the quality and integrity of the home. Without having an expert examine the house, you will not know if it was built well.

If you want to feel good about your purchase and know that the home was built well, you should get it inspected, even if the house is brand-new. The inspection will teach you things about the property and help you find problems with it.

It's Wise to Make Sure the Home Was Built to Code

Home inspectors look for different things while inspecting new homes, and one crucial thing they look for is code. A new home should be constructed to code, whereas older homes might not be up to code. As the inspector evaluates the house, he or she will see if this is the case. If specific parts of the home do not match what the current code requirements are, you can ask the builder to change these things.

A Home Inspection Gives You Protection with the Deal

One last thing to know is that you will have protection in the deal by adding a home inspection contingency. While the inspector probably will not find any major issues while completing this service, there is a chance he or she will. If the inspector finds a problem, you can ask the seller to pay for it, or you can void the contract.

If you would like more information about the services included in a typical home inspection, talk to an inspector like one at Home Inspection Associate.

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