Three Top Tips For Selling Your Luxury Home

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Three Top Tips For Selling Your Luxury Home

If you are ready to sell your luxury home, you may be concerned about the best way to ensure that you get the full value of the property. The following three tips can help ensure your home sells for the best price.

1: Determine the Home's Niche

Every luxury home has it's own unique reason for being desirable. Some homes are mainly desirable due to location, such as a home on a coastal bluff, a lake side estate, or a home on sprawling grounds within an easy commute to a major city. Other homes earn their luxury designation due to their features, such as amazing architecture, on-ground tennis courts and pools, or large home theaters.

Determine what features define the your home so you can market it to the correct niche of buyer. When it comes to luxury home, a targeted pitch is more likely to find the right buyer compared to a casting a wide net.

2: List at the Optimum Time

For most real estate businesses, spring and summer are considered the best times to sell a home, but that may not be the best time to list a luxury home. Instead, consider regional impacts on listing time. That estate on the lake may look the most impressive in fall when the surrounding trees are putting on a colorful display, while the home in the southwest desert will be more inviting before the dry heat of summer descends.

Another thing to consider is when the prime buyer would be shopping.  For example, if most of the local luxury real estate market revolves around a major tech campus that tends to bring in new hires at a certain time of year, that may be the best time to list the home for sale.

3: Develop an Online Presence

Modern home sales need a major online presence, and a luxury home's listing needs to be especially eye catching. Instead of a listing, your home should have it's own web site so that buyers can tour it thoroughly from home. Your agent can easily send the link to the buyers they target. Having instant access to such a thorough online listing is more likely to hook the buyer so they schedule a tour.

Further, the online presence should feature more than just photos and facts. Video listings and virtual tours can give buyers a true on-the-ground preview of the home so they can start picturing themselves living there. Drone videos, in particular, are great for sharing details and giving buyers a full view of a property.

The best way to ensure your  home sells for the best price is to work with a real estate agent to develop your luxury home listing.

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