4 Tips For Selling A Home During The COVID-19 Health Crisis

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4 Tips For Selling A Home During The COVID-19 Health Crisis

Every aspect of life has been impacted by the COVID-19 health crisis that is sweeping the globe, including the real estate market. However, people still need to sell their homes and buy their homes, even with a health crisis going on.

Tip #1: Take High-Quality Pictures

When you sell a home, it is important to have high-quality photos, and that is even more important right now. To take high-quality photos of your home, you need to declutter your home and make sure that there is lots of natural light coming into your home.

You can still hire a professional photographer to photograph your home. Ask them to wear gloves and mask while in your home and leave the area to allow them to take pictures of your home. High-quality photos will reduce the need for people to visit a home in pictures.

Tip #2: Record a Video

Next, you are going to want to record a video. Ideally, the professional photographer you hire will also be able to take a video. With a video, you want to allow people the feeling of moving through your home. A video can help people better understand the layout of your home and allow someone to feel like they have been in your home without being in your home.

Tip #3: Hold a Virtual Tour

Another thing you can do is hold a virtual tour of your home. With a virtual tour, you will use a phone or tablet to take someone through your home.

You can discuss the features of the home and answer the viewer's questions. You can get up close on different features and show the potential buyer that certain features work, such as by turning on the gas fireplace or turning on the faucet. This can allow someone who is interested to decide if they like the property.

Tip #4: Limit Viewings

Finally, you are going to want to limit viewings. Only allow people to view the home that have looked at the pictures, watched the video, and done a virtual tour with you.

Require anyone who has done all of that to also sign off that they have looked at the seller's disclosure statement and have already been pre-approved for a loan. With these screening elements in place, you can limit in-person viewings to those who want to make an offer on the home.

When it comes to selling a home during the COVID-19 crisis, you want to do as much as you can to sell the home and screen out buyers, so only those who are interested in moving towards an offer view the home in-person. This will help reduce the risk of virus exposure for the seller, buyer, and the agent.

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