Should You Buy Land With Power Lines Across It?

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Should You Buy Land With Power Lines Across It?

Finding empty land has become harder and harder. Across most of the country, a lot of land is already developed. As such, if you want an empty lot, you can't afford to be that choosy. You might come across a few lots that have power lines running across them and wonder if you should steer clear. Here's a closer look at the pros and cons of buying land with power lines across it ā€” along with some tips to follow if you do decide to go ahead with the purchase.

Pros and Cons of Buying Land With Power Lines Across It

Pros: The main benefit of buying land under power lines is that you can often get it at an affordable price. Not everyone is going to want power lines across their land; some will consider them an eyesore. A commercial company will probably not be able to build a large building on the lot because of the lines, which also lowers demand. The less demand there is for a piece of land, the cheaper it will be.

Cons: When there are power lines on the land, you will have to allow the power company access to some degree. They may only need to access the lines once during the whole time you live there, or they may need to come around every day for a month to make repairs; it's tough to know. If this bothers you, then buying land with power lines may not be the best choice. 

Tips for Buying Land With Power Lines Across It

ā€‹1. Make sure you can build before you buy.

Obviously you are going to have to build around the power lines. There will be required clearances; for example, you may have to leave 100 feet between your building and the lines. Work with an architect or developer before you buy to ensure your building plans will be feasible considering the placement of the lines.

2. Check for an easement.

There should be an easement, which is basically an agreement between the power company and the landowner, regarding where you can build in relation to the lines and what the power company is able to do in order to access the land. Do they require you maintain a driveway to the lines? Maybe they stipulate that they can tear out any concrete under the lines, if needed. Make sure you locate and read the easement before you buy.

Land with power lines can be very affordable and is a good choice for many. Just do your due diligence and look into building restrictions and easements before you buy.

For more information on land for sale with power lines across it, reach out to a local real estate agent.

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