Why Condos Are Perfect For Recent College Grads And Young Professionals

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Why Condos Are Perfect For Recent College Grads And Young Professionals

Are you a recent college graduate or young professional who is ready to quit renting and buy your first home? While your instinct may be to start looking at single-family homes, there's an alternative to consider: condos. Condominiums make the perfect first home for many younger adults for a few reasons.

1. You don't have to worry about landscaping or exterior maintenance. 

The amount of exterior maintenance a home requires surprises many new homeowners. You not only have to mow the lawn and trim the weeds, but also clean the gutters, maintain the roof, paint the siding when it gets worn, and so much more. When you're young and climbing the career ladder, it's hard to find the time to do all of this maintenance. With a condo, you won't be responsible for any of this maintenance. The condo association will take care of the outside of the building and the grounds. You'll just be responsible for the interior.

2. There will be plenty of friends and neighbors nearby.

After college, it can be hard to make new friends. Your college friends have probably moved away in every direction, and even though you'll meet people at work, friendships with coworkers are different. When you live in a condo community, there are plenty of neighbors nearby, so you'll have an opportunity to make new friends. You can use community amenities like the pool and fitness center, which is not only convenient, but a good way to meet people.

3. The layout often lends itself to roommates.

When you're just starting out and are used to having roommates already, living with a roommate is a good way to keep your housing costs low. Many single-family homes don't have layouts that are intended for roommates. However, condos are often built with singles and young professionals in mind, so you'll see more of them with separate bathrooms attached to each bedroom. This makes it easier to have your own privacy while also having a roommate.

4. It will be easy to sell.

When you're young, it's common to change jobs a few times. Even if you think your job is stable, it's possible you'll want to move to a different city for a new job in a few years. In this case, you'll need to sell your home, and selling a condo is a lot easier than selling a single-family home. The condo association will often market it for you and ensure there's a demand for their properties.

When you are young and just starting off, buying a condo can be a very smart choice. Talk to a real estate agent to learn more about condos for sale in your area.

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