Choosing The Best Homes For Sale In Your Are When You Have Pets

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Choosing The Best Homes For Sale In Your Are When You Have Pets

As a pet owner, your animal companions mean a lot to you and you consider their needs among your own when it comes to where and how you live. A majority of pet owners actually own their own homes, and people who don't rent are 20% more likely to have a pet in their home than people who do. You're not alone if you're looking for homes for sale to create security for not just your family, but for your pets as well.

When you have pets, the right home matters. When looking at homes for sale, consider the following when you have pets as well, whether you own a dog, cat, or exotic animal.

Heating and cooling

You want to buy a home that is easily heated and cooled so any indoor pets are comfortable while you are away. While a home with baseboard heating and window or wall air conditioning is doable, you want to work with your realtor to look for homes for sale that feature furnace or radiant heat and central cooling in the home. Newer HVAC systems often have energy-efficient heating and cooling features that you can rely on to keep your pets comfortable all day long.

Road proximity

Are you looking at homes for sale in a busy neighborhood with high traffic? Or are you considering buying property out in the country where there are few roads that people commonly access? When you have outdoor pets or pets that go outside, buying homes for sale that aren't close to main highways and busy neighborhood streets can be better for your family, safer for your pets, and quieter overall.

Look for homes for sale on dead-end roads, on corner lots, or in quieter areas if you are buying a home in town. If you are seeking property outside city limits, look for homes for sale that have longer driveways and larger front yards to keep pets away from the road.

Pet-friendly yard

Homes for sale with pet-friendly yards are better for purchasing because you don't have to make further investments in fencing properties. A sizeable and semi-private backyard that is not close to other neighbors is best for your home purchase if you have pets, as well as a property that has a wooden or solid chain link fence. Your real estate agent will help you pick the best homes for sale in your area that will benefit you best as a pet owner.  

For further tips on finding pet-friendly homes for sale, reach out to a local real estate agent.

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