An In-Depth Look At The Four Primary Types Of Real Estate For Sale

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An In-Depth Look At The Four Primary Types Of Real Estate For Sale

When it comes to real estate for sale, the majority of properties will fall into one of four different categories. To any onlooker, it can look like there are literally hundreds of different types of listings. Nevertheless, most of them can be included in one of the following four types of real estate for sale. 

Residential Real Estate Listings

Obviously, residential real estate for sale will involve properties that are of use to people looking for their own residence. Single-family and luxury homes make up the biggest portion of residential properties. However, residential real estate also encompasses things like apartment complexes, which may be more interesting to investors. Townhomes, duplexes, and condos can also be types of properties that fit into the residential real estate category. 

Commercial Real Estate Listings 

Commercial real estate includes properties that will be used for some type of commercial use. Shopping centers, retail stores, restaurants, and even medical offices, schools, and public buildings all fall under the commercial category. Many business owners seek out already established buildings and properties because these can be more financially logical and easier to find financing for than trying to build a business from the ground up. However, you can sometimes find listings designated as commercial lots, which are properties that are logical for building a business upon due to location and other factors. 

Industrial Real Estate Listings 

Warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and other industrial operations make up the industrial real estate sector. While these locations are far less common than residential or commercial real estate, they do exist and make up a small portion of the real estate listings available at any given time in the United States. While the majority of business owners will develop their own structures on vacant properties, many do look for already-established locations. As an adage, it is not uncommon for industrial properties to have desirable inclusions, such as machinery or equipment that serves a specific industry.

Undeveloped Real Estate Listings 

Undeveloped real estate can often show up under different names since undeveloped can have a sort-of negative connotation. For example, you may see a listing for farm or ranch land, forested acreage, or buildable sites. These properties most often have no developments at all, even right down to the basic utility lines or certain property alterations like deforesting. However, they can be a good investment opportunity for property developers, prospective farmers, and business owners. It is not uncommon for an investor to buy a large tract of several acres, divide that tract into smaller lots, and then sell each lot individually, for example. 

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