Planning For The Plus When Choosing A 55+ Community

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Planning For The Plus When Choosing A 55+ Community

If you are considering moving into a 55 plus community for your retirement, it's important to not only choose a place where you will be happy now but where you can happily spend several years. While it is important that you have the ability to continue your current hobbies, it is also important for you to be able to age in place without moving as your health and interests change. Below are some considerations for the plus years of a 55 plus community. 

Age Restricted vs. Age Targeted 

An age-restricted community does not allow residents below the community age whereas an age-targeted community will mostly have residents above the targeted age, but may also have some younger residents. Younger residents are most often related to older residents already living in the community. Some people prefer age-restricted communities because they want to be around people with similar issues and interests. However, you may want to consider what will happen if you need additional living assistance as you age. Do you want to have a family member move in to care for you or do you want professional assistance? If you want family members to live with you, you should look for age-targeted communities. 

Close Healthcare 

As you age, you may encounter more frequent health issues that mean frequent trips to your healthcare provider. Being near a hospital or your primary care provider can make life a lot easier if you need routine medical care as you age. 


While driving may not be an issue at the moment, it's important to realize that many people develop vision or health problems that negatively impact their ability to drive or care for their automobile as they age. Because of this, you may want to consider what transportation schedule your community offers. Some communities have regularly scheduled transportation while other communities only offer individual transportation options. 

Assisted Living Options

At some point, you may need assistance in your day-to-day life. Many 55 plus communities have aspects of continuing care, which can help you if you need to transition out of independent living into a nursing home. This can allow you to stay in the community you know rather than move to a new community as you need more help. 

While some people have no problem switching retirement communities as their needs change, others want a place they can spend their future at. Make sure to consider your plus years when looking for a 55 plus community. You can start by browsing such communities by contacting a realtor like New Jersey Realty, LLC.

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