Steps You Can Get Out Of The Way When Preparing To Sell A Home

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Steps You Can Get Out Of The Way When Preparing To Sell A Home

Selling a home is a big endeavor. There's a lot to do, from cleaning out all of your clutter to having photos taken. It's best if you don't leave everything until the last minute. So what kinds of things can you get done ahead of time when you're preparing to sell, but not quite ready to list the home yet? Take a look.

1. Find an agent.

Don't put off finding a real estate agent until the last minute. You really want to take your time interviewing a few different agents and determining who can meet your needs the best. Ask each agent about their real estate services, how they communicate with clients, and whether they sell a lot of homes in your neighborhood. When you find someone you like, tell them you plan on hiring them — and that you'll let them know as soon as you're ready to take the next steps. This way, they can keep some time open for you.

2. Have the home appraised.

Setting a price for a home can be a little tough. There are so many factors to consider, from the home's location to the condition of the carpets. It's a good idea to have the home appraised ahead of time so you can plan financially. Many real estate agents offer appraisals as one of their services. If your agent does not, they should be able to recommend an appraiser you can hire.

3. Talk to your real estate agent about improvements.

Some improvements are worth making before you sell. Others are not. It really depends on the age of your home and what buyers are looking for in your area. Have your real estate agent take a look at the home and offer suggestions for improvements that are worth making. You can spend a little time tackling these projects before you sell the home, which will probably allow you to list the home at a higher price.

4. Tell people you know that you will be selling.

Start mentioning to all of your friend and relatives that you'll be selling the home. This way, they can spread the word to their friends. By the time you list the home, there might already be a few interested buyers. This can save you time!

If you get the tasks out of the way before you list your home, you will be so prepared to enter the market! Talk to your real estate agent to learn more.

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