Tips in Choosing Housing When You Are a Traveling Nurse

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Tips in Choosing Housing When You Are a Traveling Nurse

When you are a traveling nurse, you'll likely move around a lot within the space of a year. Depending on how long your contracts are in each location, you will need to find either long-term or short-term housing that meets your needs. You have a couple of options for this. You can either use your agency to help you find and book something, or you can take the stipend and look for housing.

Either way, you should be part of the decision making. Here are some tips for helping you choose travel nurse housing.

Check Out Ads Online

If you have decided to go your own way and take the stipend from your agency, one of the first things you can do is check out travel nurse housing options online. Several websites offer short-term rentals and leases that you can check out. They are reputable and you can find reviews for many of their apartments in the listing.

When you are checking out housing online, read the descriptions carefully, and take a look at the pictures. If you can, search for those images on multiple sites to ensure they are legitimate and that property is actually for rent. Check the rental price and see if matches the area its located in. If it seems underpriced, then find someplace else; it could be a scam. You can do the same if you have opted with working with your agency to find you housing too. This way, you can decide whether or not that rental is a good fit for you.

Check Vacation Rental Websites

If you are on a short-term contract, you won't need to rent housing for more than a few months at best. Then you might want to consider checking out vacation rental websites for travel nurse housing. You most likely will find a few great places to rent in your destination and they will be fully furnished and regularly maintained.

You can narrow your search parameters to housing located near the hospital where you will be working, and use other filters to narrow down the type of housing you prefer. You can choose from a condo in a high-rise to a townhouse on a quiet street. You could even rent an apartment in the downtown core close to shopping and entertainment if you prefer. Yes, your agency is also able to book a vacation rental for you if that is your choice.

Extended Stay Hotels

You also have the option of renting within an extended stay hotel. Extended stay hotels offer you the comforts of home within a hotel. They offer fully equipped kitchens, living areas, bedrooms, and full bathrooms. You can use the hotel's amenities such as their housekeeping, fitness centers and swimming pools, laundry services, have breakfast at the buffet, and more. If you opt to use a travel nurse housing agency, they can also book you for an extended stay hotel, so don't worry if you wish to let them do the work for you, you can still use this option.

Many hotels also allow for small pets to stay with you if you have a dog or cat you bring with you on assignments.

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