Is A Month-To-Month Lease Ideal?

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Is A Month-To-Month Lease Ideal?

If you are moving to a new military base, you already know that relocation can be stressful. You might also wonder if this is your new normal, moving place to place. If you are unsure about your housing situation, you might consider a month-to-month lease instead of signing a lease for a full year.

Is a month-to-month lease a good idea for you after military relocation? This is what you need to know.

What If You Have to Move Again Soon?

You might realize that you will be moving again very soon. For instance, your new base location might be temporary or for an undetermined amount of time. If you don't have to live on base or have a family, a month-to-month lease gives you freedom and flexibility to move again in the future at any point.

In cases like this, month-to-month situations are great because you don't have to face penalties for breaking the lease. No extra fees means that you can move more freely.

What If You Are Single?

If you are single and just want to rent a room for a while, month-to-month is great. You can rent a room with a roommate or housemate if you are willing to live with somebody else and plan to leave soon. A temporary housing situation also allows you to travel back home if your family is living elsewhere.

What If You Are Building a House?

Perhaps you know that you will be located at your newest base for a while, prompting you to build a house you plan to spend time in for a while. A month-to-month lease allows you to live comfortably while you wait for your house to be built. The same applies if you are renovating your house and need to wait for these changes to be complete.

Talk to a Real Estate Professional

Relocation is tough, and you should not have to make decisions on your own. You might find that buying a home during this time is the way to go, or perhaps you want to work with a broker who can help you find a month-to-month contract in your price range and near the base.

Regardless of your plans, it is helpful to discuss matters with a real estate pro who understands military relocation. You don't have to do this alone, and real estate agents understand your unique needs as a member of the military.  

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