Want To Start Boarding Dogs At Home? 3 Things To Prioritize In A House

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Want To Start Boarding Dogs At Home? 3 Things To Prioritize In A House

Working in the pet industry by offering a variety of services such as walking, sitting, and check-ins is easy to do almost anywhere you live because you can visit homes with dogs. If you want to start boarding dogs, you shoulder consider moving out of your rental and buying a property.

To make sure that you buy a place that is suitable for boarding dogs and running a successful business through this service, you should prioritize certain things with listed homes.


An important area to focus on is the backyard because this is where you can provide dogs with a ton of space to run and play. Getting a huge yard is helpful because you will be able to accommodate more dogs, which will increase your income potential from dog boarding alone.

When looking at backyards, you want to make sure that you get one with tall fence as this will prevent dogs from being able to escape the property. A solid fence is also worth prioritizing because it will minimize the chance that dogs bark at people, animals, or vehicles outside.

Another thing that you will want to do before buying a place is learning about whether the plants and trees are toxic or non-toxic to dogs. Ideally, you want to get a backyard that does not require you to remove any plants before you can start boarding dogs to keep preparation to a minimum.


While looking at different houses for sale and neighborhoods, you should think about your existing customers as well as ones that you will find in the future to make a decision.

For instance, picking an area with high population density is worth prioritizing because it will maximize the chance that you find homeowners with dogs who need boarding service. By situating yourself in the middle of high population neighborhoods, you can minimize the distance that people need to travel to drop their dogs off or for you to pick up their dogs to bring home.


While boarding dogs, you may expect them to spend a lot of time in the house. This makes it important to analyze the flooring because you want to make sure that you do not have to invest in extensive maintenance and cleaning to keep it presentable for your family and customers.

This is a situation in which prioritizing a hard flooring such as tile is advantageous because you will find it so quick and easy to clean if any accidents happen in the house.

With these priorities, you can buy a property that works great for boarding dogs.

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