How To Make The Most Of Your Space In A Studio Apartment

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How To Make The Most Of Your Space In A Studio Apartment

Are you living in a big city and need to live in a small studio apartment to save on rent? If so, it helps to know some tips to save space and make the most out of your square footage.

Use A Murphy Bed

The one thing that is going to take up the most space in your studio apartment is a bed. However, the best way to deal with it is to find a way to store the bed when you are not using it. A murphy bed allows you to move the mattress into an upright position so that it is completely out of the way. You'll quickly be able to regain that space in your main living area so that it doesn't feel so cramped when you are not sleeping. When the bed is put away, it will look as if you have a cabinet in the wall and nobody will know that it is actually a bed.

Install Hanging Bike Racks

Everyone needs a bike to get around in the city, but it is another thing that will take up space in your studio apartment. A hanging bike rack can help get your bike off the floor and out of the way. You won't realize how much space you save until you are actually able to put the bike upright and against a wall in a corner of the studio apartment. 

Ditch The Large Coffee Table

While people are used to having a traditional coffee table in front of their couch, these can take up a lot of room in a small studio apartment. Consider getting rid of the large coffee table and replacing it with a much smaller end table. They are easy to move around so they are in front of you or on the side of your couch, and they will be out of the way for the most part. You can also get a set of side tables that slide into each other so that they take up the space of one end table when they are not being used. 

Clean A Little Every Day

You can easily feel cramped when things are not put away in a small studio apartment. Try to solve this problem by cleaning up a little bit every single day. Not having clothes thrown around on the floor is a simple thing to do and will help the space feel more open to you.

To learn more about studio apartments, contact an apartment complex near you.

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