Why Real Estate Agents Are Not Optional When Selling A Home

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Why Real Estate Agents Are Not Optional When Selling A Home

More and more people think they can do it themselves after viewing a YouTube video, and home-selling is no different. Many that try to do it themselves quickly find out that there is a lot more to selling a home than leading a buyer on a guided tour. Read on and find out about some things a real estate agent can do to help you.

Sellers May Only Think They Are Saving Some Money

When asked, many homeowners are sure to mention that they can potentially save thousands of dollars by not having to pay a sales commission on the sale. That theory is based, however, on the home selling — and selling for a certain amount. It turns out that homes handled by real estate agents sell better, and when they sell, it's for a higher average price than for-sale-by-owner homes.

Sellers who try to do it themselves often shoot themselves in the foot by pricing the home based on what they think they can get for it (or what they want to get for it). Real estate agents, on the other hand, base sales prices on comps. Comps, short for comparisons, is a study of similar homes that sold recently. Pricing based on comps takes into consideration what buyers are looking for and at what price. This type of expertise is only one example of how real estate agents more than earn their commission on a home sale.

Real Estate Agents Have Proper Tools

In case you haven't noticed, real estate is now high-tech and many homeowners are not equipped to follow suit. A web presence is essential, and that can mean having the home posted on a well-known website, having gorgeous professional photographs and video walk-throughs, and offering drone images of the home and neighborhood with a bird's eye view. It can be extremely difficult to compete with glossy and professional listings with a lot of detail that makes it easier for today's buyers to locate and view the home of their dreams from their own device.

Selling a Home is Very Time-Consuming

Unless you are devoted to spending quite a bit of time on selling your home, leave things up to the experts. Many DIY home-sellers are shocked at how much time is needed to deal with potential buyers and do things like give a grand tour on a moment's notice. You may know your home better than anyone, but dealing with buyers opens up another level of due diligence that few are prepared to provide without professional support.

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