Tips For Finding And Buying Remote Land In The Mountains

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Tips For Finding And Buying Remote Land In The Mountains

Many people dream of moving far up into the mountains, but few people actually make this dream their reality. Will you be one of the few? If you are determined to move up into the mountains, then you will benefit from these tips and tricks for finding and buying remote mountainous land.

Buy in cash if possible.

Getting financing on remote mountain land can be tough, especially if there is not a home or other structure on the land. If you do finance the purchase, the bank will often have specific requirements as to when and where you must build. It's easiest to simply buy the land in cash, if possible. This might mean delaying your purchase for a few more years as you save, or it might mean you have to sell another property or a vehicle to get the necessary cash in hand. In the end, though, that is easier than having to answer to the bank every step of the way.

Have the land surveyed by an environmental analysis team.

Mountain land can come with a lot of environmental intricacies. You may not be able to place a septic tank in a certain location because doing so would contaminate a stream. Part of the land could be wetlands or a flood zone. It's very important to have a piece of land looked over by an environmental analysis team before you buy so that you don't later learn you can't use the land as intended. Tell the environmental company what your plans for the land are, and ask them whether the plans are reasonable.

Make sure the corners and lot lines are marked.

When looking at a piece of land, make sure that it has been surveyed and that the corners have been marked. Property lines are rarely clear and straightforward in the remote mountains, and you want to be absolutely certain about what you are buying. You do not want to risk encroaching on a neighbor's land or having them encroach on yours simply because nobody knew where the boundaries were.

Ask about sub-dividing larger properties.

It can be tough to find a lot the size you want in the mountains because there are so few properties to buy in the first place. But remember, people selling mountain properties also struggle to find buyers. If you come across a piece of land that's larger than you like, don't hesitate to ask the seller if they would be willing to subdivide it and sell you a piece. They may be happy to take you up on this offer since the alternative may be not selling at all.

Buying remote mountain land is never easy, but the tips above should help you find mountain real estate for sale.

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