Getting Your Home Ready To Sell On A Budget

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Getting Your Home Ready To Sell On A Budget

Making a few dollar-friendly tweaks to ready your home for buyers may be easier than you think. You need to find out how putting yourself in a would-be buyer's shoes can help you know what needs attention. Learn some things homebuyers are looking for below.

Make It Seem Bigger

Size matters a lot, but even large and spacious homes can seem smaller when they are cluttered. The idea here is to add visual space to rooms by paying attention to the furnishings and how they fit. Begin by de-cluttering your home, room by room. Remove the walls of photographs and shelves of souvenirs, trinkets, and trophies. Potential buyers are not interested in your last trip to Hawaii, but they are interested in seeing their own things in a new space. Begin the packing process now and pack away all the excess stuff that you may have grown used to seeing. Save a few nice, decorative pieces and place them carefully around the cleared-out rooms.

Next, address the furniture by moving larger pieces either to other rooms or out of the home entirely. A big, chunky, sectional, for example, can make even medium-sized rooms look small. Leave just enough furniture in the room to give buyers a hint as to its use. If you must, store bulkier pieces away for the time being.

Finally, sellers can do a lot to make rooms look larger with a few easy and inexpensive tricks that make the most out of natural light. Rooms that encourage natural light will automatically look roomier. With that in mind, take down heavy drapes and substitute inexpensive sheers and blinds for an airy, open look. Finally, carefully placed mirrors reflect any available light and glass-topped tables do the same thing, which is beneficial.

Make More Usable Space

If your budget allows, go ahead and finish that basement. Buyers are extremely interested in flex space, and the basement can be used as a media room, crafting area, workout room, extra bedroom, office, and more. If you can add a bathroom, it will pay off with dividends.

Adding space by making the most of an existing deck or patio comes next. If the climate allows, make your outdoor space an extension of the indoor space by adding seating, tables, comfy cushions, outdoor rugs, a firepit, and more.

Speak to a real estate agent if you need more ideas about making the most of what your home already offers.

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