Retired? 3 Reasons To Look For A House In A Gated Community

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Retired? 3 Reasons To Look For A House In A Gated Community

When you reach retirement age, you might be ready to move out of your large family home and into a smaller house. While many retirees think about where they could get the most home for their money, investing in a single-family home in a gated community is a great choice. Here are three reasons you might love a home in a gated community. 

1. Enjoy Peace and Quiet

If you are interested in relaxing in a quiet environment, you will probably enjoy being in a neighborhood with few children. There are gated communities that are designed around the 55+ lifestyle, which means there won't be many families with children on your street. These communities tend to be very quiet and peaceful, which is perfect for reading a book, doing a little writing, or taking an afternoon nap. Though these communities are often made of single-family homes, there are not a lot of young families living in this type of community.

2. Meet New Friends

Sometimes, it can be tricky to meet new friends, especially if you are older and don't go out as much. However, when you invest in a home in a retirement community, you know that your neighbors are likely your peers, which clears a path towards easy friendship. You may choose to start a golfing group or a join walking club, or even participate in fun community events such as an annual holiday dinner. Because everyone is older, you may also have an easier time dating, if you are looking for someone special in your later years.

3. Improve Your Personal Security

Some retirement communities are gated, which adds an additional layer of security. While people who live in the community have access to an opening device, anyone without one will be forced to use a gated keypad, or talk with the security team. Unwelcome visitors may be turned away at the gate, or security teams may call police officers if they suspect anything strange occurring at the facility. If you are nervous about break-ins, robberies, or trespassers, living in a secure, gated community can make retirement more peaceful. 

If you are newly retired and thinking about moving into a smaller single-family home, turn to a real estate agent in your area to see what is out there. Talk with agents about what they could offer you in a retirement community, and make sure the area takes security seriously. Don't forget to ask about added potential costs, such as the shared expense of a community pool or an HOA. 

For more information about single-family homes in retirement communities, contact a local real estate office.

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