Fore! What To Look Out For When Buying Golf Course Homes

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Fore! What To Look Out For When Buying Golf Course Homes

Living on a golf course is a bucket list item for many people, particularly those that golf on a regular basis. There are a few things that you should look for, however, when you are interested in purchasing a home on a golf course.


Like everything else in real estate, location is very important. Not only does it make a difference if you have golf course frontage, but it also matters where on the course the home's frontage is located. There are several options, including:

  • Tee Box. The tee box is where golfers tee off and take their first shot of the hole. When your home is located near the tee box, you are more susceptible to stray balls hitting your home, particularly when golfers shank their drive.
  • Fairway. Backing to the fairway gives potential buyers the best view of the rolling green grass and keeps them away from random golf balls. In fact, this location appeals to non-golfers as well as golfers. 
  • Greens. While players are generally quiet on the greens as they line up their shots and wait for their golf partners to finish the hole, living near the greens can be loud. Depending on the foursome, golfers can get boisterous on the greens as they compare scores and wait for availability at the next tee. 

Another popular option is choosing a home located near the water hazards. Lots on the water may come with a higher lot premium, however. 

Homeowner's Association

Like many new homes, golf course communities often come with a homeowner's association or HOA. The HOA in this type of neighborhood helps maintain property values in the golf course community by ensuring that all homeowners comply with the by-laws regarding architectural control, yard maintenance, and other nuisance issues. Without an active HOA, a golf community could go downhill quickly, losing value in the process.


Buying homeowner's insurance is an essential task for all potential buyers. With golf course homes, however, you may have an additional rider to the policy regarding stray golf balls. Be sure to talk in detail to your insurance agent about the golf course home's location to guarantee you are covered when the next person yells, "Fore!"

Golf course properties are worthwhile investments, especially if you love the game and play often. Working with an experienced agent and knowing what to look for can make buying a golf course home easier. For more information, contact a local real estate team, like the John Hook Team: KYRO Real Estate.

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