Benefits Of Living In A High-Rise Loft

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Benefits Of Living In A High-Rise Loft

There are a large number of options available for people desiring to rent or purchase an apartment. One of these options is the high-rise loft.

Here are a few benefits of living in this type of dwelling.

Spacious Open Floor Plans

Most lofts are designed with large, open floor plans. Even though the interior space is open like that of a studio apartment, lofts usually provide a considerably larger amount of living space than other types of apartments. Some lofts even include staircases to access multiple levels within the home.

Typically, a loft includes high ceilings that make the apartment feel airy and expansive. In addition, it may display industrial design elements that appear modern and trendy, such as exposed brick walls and beams.

The look of a loft is due to its origins. Traditionally, lofts were originally used for industrial purposes. However, because of the popularity of the design, many new apartments have adopted the loft style.

Less Noise

A high-rise apartment is located far above the streets below. As a result, the noise of traffic and other city sounds are minimized. The noise reduction can be especially helpful for sensitive sleepers, as well as people who perform work from home.

City Access

Most high-rise lofts are located in the heart of the city. Thus, there is no need to commute to the city from a residential area in the suburbs to enjoy the entertainment, cultural, and business amenities. Additionally, if you work in the city, having an apartment nearby can cut down on transportation costs to and from work.


A high-rise apartment often includes a security guard or doorman on the first floor of the building. Thus, strangers cannot easily reach your front door. Also, because of the visibility of security, burglars and other criminals may be less likely to target your home.


A high-rise dwelling has elevator access. Thus, you don't have to climb flights of stairs to enter your home. Some apartments that don't include as many floors as high-rise buildings may offer stairs-only access.

Great Views

Located high above the city, a high-rise apartment can provide views that are absolutely stunning. This benefit can be accentuated by the loft's design style since lofts often include large picture windows.

If you are interested in renting or purchasing a high-rise loft apartment and would like to see a list of available properties, schedule a consultation with a real estate firm in your local area, like Sonoran Sky Real Estate.

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