How Can You Sell Your Home? — A Guide To Optimizing The Process

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How Can You Sell Your Home? — A Guide To Optimizing The Process

Selling a home is a business matter that will require you to have the right information and to use your discretion. When you follow the most prudent steps, you'll sell your home quicker and get the return on investment (ROI) that you're hoping for. If you're asking How to sell your home, keep in mind that you can get it done on your terms if you start with the points in this guide. 

Assess the value and explore your avenues for selling your home

Your first order of business when you'd like to sell a house is knowing how much equity you're holding. Home values increase or decrease based on several factors, so having this as your starting point will inform everything from the listing and asking price to which professionals you'd like to work with to push the transaction forward. Begin by appraising your home so that you can narrow it down to a dollar amount range that you're hoping for. From there, you can study the market to know how much homes are selling for in your specific area. 

It might also be advantageous to work with a cash buyer. These are typically businesses that will give you cash for your home on an as-is basis so that they can then fix it up and flip it for a higher price. Not only are these transactions much quicker than the typical sales process, but you will also pay fewer real estate transaction fees to boot. 

Consult professional help to learn the ins and outs of getting the best value

The professionals that you work with will be a difference-maker. At a minimum, you will need a good real estate agent and lawyer to help you publicize the listing and then facilitate the closing process. Real estate agents will typically garner rates between 2.25% and 3.5% of the home sale price in exchange for their services. Lawyer fees will vary based on the level of work and expertise you require. 

Prepare your home to hit the market by posting it on as many listing sites and social media platforms as possible. Get it ready by making any needed repairs and also accentuating the strengths. You might even prefer to hire a home staging service that can decorate and display your home in a way that is enticing to a new buyer. These home stagers may charge you roughly $300 to $600 for their preliminary design work.

Let these points help you when you're ready to sell your house.

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